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Accelerating Business Success with NextJS

Is your business facing the challenge of providing a seamless, high-performance web experience to your audience? Look no further! Our webinar, “Accelerating Business Success with NextJS,” is your gateway to unleashing unparalleled digital excellence. In today’s fast-paced online landscape, businesses need help to keep up with the increasing demand for lightning-fast, SEO-friendly websites. Traditional web […]

Seamless & Automated Migration from any Integration Tool to SnapLogic – Enterprise Automation Summit, 2021

Enterprises, regardless of their size, make constant efforts to speed up processes as a critical driver to their market delivery. Today, most of these enterprises strive to replace their outdated integration tools with more efficient technology. Having that in mind, employing a semi-automated migration process to a new tool is a must-have asset made possible […]

One-click Deployment of an ELK Based Monitoring Solution using Terraform and Kubernetes

In order to achieve digital transformation, you need to make sure that the entire IT infrastructure along with error anticipation and proper error handling works smoothly. Meeting business performance, operational expectations, and the needs of business security are ensured by proper monitoring. To achieve all that you need a DevOps team and a source code.But […]

Enhancing Your Onboarding Process using Xray

We’re excited to invite you to the OmniTestingConf, hosted by our partner Xray, on November, 22nd and 23d . Join us at this one-of-a-kind testing conference, and learn more about Native Quality Management. It’s time to usher in a new wave, a whole new approach to delivering high-quality software – by embedding it throughout the […]

Functionalities of the Custom Monitoring and Alerting Tool

Being a leader in the market requires investment in process automation. In fact, process automation is crucial if you want to remain competitive. Companies in all industries have recognized this need, along with the need for a stable working environment. Establishing and maintaining a stable working environment is impossible if you haven’t implemented a tool […]

Programming for Children Using Scratch Jr.

Digital skills are becoming more and more important. We live in a time when digital transformation is reaching tremendous speed and like it or not, we have to keep up with it, because that is the only way to move forward. This applies to both adults and children. It is really important to help our […]

How to Raise Independent and Resilient Children?

We live in a dynamic world where we usually strive to find moments for ourselves. Achieving work-life balance is very important but it is getting harder by the minute. This is especially true for parents. Finding time for our children and making sure we spend it in a quality manner is challenging.  Moreover, raising and […]

How the Intelligent Tester Deals with the Age of Automation using Jira and Xray

The year 2020 showed us that the future lies in digital transformation and automation. That goes for testing methodologies as well. We are witnessing more and more people that choose to use automation tools due to their precision and reliability. There are many advantages automation tools offer and most of them are truly hard to […]

Enhance Business Rules Management by Implementing Drools in Mule 4

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 that is the need for business rules. Every company still remains dependent on certain business rules no matter the industry they are operating in. Numerous business rules and decisions are made daily within all kinds of industries to process claims, validate transactions, compute benefits, determine […]