One-click Deployment of an ELK Based Monitoring Solution using Terraform and Kubernetes

In order to achieve digital transformation, you need to make sure that the entire IT infrastructure along with error anticipation and proper error handling works smoothly. Meeting business performance, operational expectations, and the needs of business security are ensured by proper monitoring. To achieve all that you need a DevOps team and a source code.
But what is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

What open-source infrastructure as a code software tool is the best to use? How to automate deployment in a Kubernetes cluster? Moreover how to monitor it with еlastic stack? Join us on our webinar dedicated to One-click deployment of an ELK-based monitoring solution, using Terraform and Kubernetes and learn all this and much more.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of using Infrastructure as Code
  • Building Infrastructure with one click
  • Automated deployment in a Кubernetes cluster
  • Monitoring and Log management
  • Practical example using an e-commerce application

Date: 29.11.2021

Time: 3 PM (CET)