How to Raise Independent and Resilient Children?

We live in a dynamic world where we usually strive to find moments for ourselves. Achieving work-life balance is very important but it is getting harder by the minute. This is especially true for parents. Finding time for our children and making sure we spend it in a quality manner is challenging.  Moreover, raising and developing independent, well-adjusted and resilient children is surely daring. So how can you manage to do that? How can you manage to create a healthy environment in which we, as parents on one hand and our children on the other, will be able to be authentic and express our needs, practice freedom and respect, care about others, grow our potentials and live balanced and fulfilled life? Join our webinar and learn more about:

  • Key principles of active and conscious parenting
  • Understanding children’s needs and their behavior
  • Supporting children to regulate their emotions
  • Activities to boost self-confidence, cooperation, independence, problem-solving and managing conflicts

Date: 02.06.2021

Time: 6 PM (CEST)