Enhance Business Rules Management by Implementing Drools in Mule 4

1 minute read

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 that is the need for business rules. Every company still remains dependent on certain business rules no matter the industry they are operating in. Numerous business rules and decisions are made daily within all kinds of industries to process claims, validate transactions, compute benefits, determine rates, and deal with exceptions.

These types of policies or rules would be easy to manage if they were fixed. Still, most of the business world has intricate processes that are continuously evolving. As a result of this kind of change, businesses keep adapting, and with it also the business rules, placing strains on the system, processes, and the employees in a given industry. Using business rule engines, businesses can minimize the entanglement of complex systems and separate them from the rest of the application enabling them to better progress in changes with business policies while at the same time minimizing the implementation and support time. Join our webinar and learn how you can enhance business rules management by implementing Drools in Mule 4.

What you will learn:

  • What are business rules?
  • The need for business rules and business rules engines
  • Business rules management by implementing Drools in Mule 4
  • Implementation of business rules in Mule 4
  • Implementation of business rules as a Mule 4 Custom Connector

Date: 04.11.2020
Time: 11 AM (CET)

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