Seamless & Automated Migration from any Integration Tool to SnapLogic – Enterprise Automation Summit, 2021

Enterprises, regardless of their size, make constant efforts to speed up processes as a critical driver to their market delivery. Today, most of these enterprises strive to replace their outdated integration tools with more efficient technology. Having that in mind, employing a semi-automated migration process to a new tool is a must-have asset made possible with our accelerators for automated migration projects to SnapLogic. In our session on the Enterprise Automation Summit, 2021 powered by SnapLogic, we’ll discuss the key benefits of utilizing migration accelerators by explaining their architecture and our approach to the methodology of the migration process.

What you will learn:

  • Why SnapLogic is the best and most efficient iPaaS to replace outdated integration tools
  • How you can accelerate and automate the migration process from any tool to SnapLogic by using pre-developed accelerators
  • Our approach to the methodology of the migration process
  • The benefits of seamless and automated migration, including a use case

Date: 09.12.2021