Natural Language to SQL Generator: Talking to Your Data, No Coding Required

natural language to sql generator

Just imagine you could talk to your database. Literally have a conversation with it. A normal back and forth, like with a real person. No more code, no more relying on SQL experts. Just ask a question – in plain English, or whatever language you speak – and get the data you need to make […]

IWant Search: AI Search on Your Website That Gets You

ai search bar

Think of the last time you used a website’s search bar. Frustrated? Lost? A sinking feeling that the answer’s in there, but you just can’t find it? We get that. Traditional search tools on websites have their limits. They spit out results based on keywords, not what you truly need. It’s clunky. It wastes your […]

How North Macedonia is Leveraging AI to Drive Innovation and Economic Growth

AI, artificial intelligence

We might be a small country, but we see big things happening with Artificial Intelligence in Skopje, North Macedonia. The world is changing fast, and those who jump on the tech train are the ones who will leave the station with a winning ticket. We’re seeing artificial intelligence companies innovate amazing things – new businesses […]