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Business Breakfast – Data Integration and Data Automation with SnapLogic and ⋮IWConnect

Our partner SnapLogic is organizing Business Breakfast Catch Up Series in Germany and Switzerland, where our Industry Solutions Manager & Partner, Simona Todoroska will participate. As part of the Business Breakfast Catch Up Series, we will share insights into the current status of data integration and data automation at many companies. In addition, solutions and […]

How to Raise Independent and Resilient Children?

We live in a dynamic world where we usually strive to find moments for ourselves. Achieving work-life balance is very important but it is getting harder by the minute. This is especially true for parents. Finding time for our children and making sure we spend it in a quality manner is challenging.  Moreover, raising and […]

Enhance Business Rules Management by Implementing Drools in Mule 4

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 that is the need for business rules. Every company still remains dependent on certain business rules no matter the industry they are operating in. Numerous business rules and decisions are made daily within all kinds of industries to process claims, validate transactions, compute benefits, determine […]

Optimizing ERP processes with the power of data and application integration

To turn digitalization strategies into reality, many companies today pursue cloud-based technologies and select enterprise applications based upon best-of-breed capabilities. In doing so, information silos are created, resulting in inefficient business process flows and slower the desired business results. A data and application integration fabric is critical to remove friction and eliminate these delays.On July […]

Learn how SnapLogic Helps Companies Stay Relentless during Covid-19

Learn how SnapLogic helps companies stay relentless during Covid-19Living in uncertain times imposed by the pandemics related to COVID-19 made people and companies more vulnerable. Everyone is facing challenges and looks for ways to get out of the situation with as little consequences as possible.  It is in hard times like these when true leaders, […]

Focus on your business ideas while your integration processes run smoothly using TIBCO

Focus on your business ideas while your integration processes run smoothly using TIBCO The easiest way to define integration is to say it is a process of merging small parts or sub-systems into one system that functions as a whole. In the IT industry, integration is ‘the end result of a process whose purpose is […]

Online Tech Meet Up 2020

Our first Tech Meet Up occurred in 2015 in Bitola, and with the years it became one of our favorite traditions. Since we are now practicing physical distancing we decided to organize our first Online Tech Meet Up. But what are the trending Tech topics this year? Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Digital Transformation are […]

Set up your virtual store fast using ORM in NodeJs

Set up your virtual store fast using ORM in NodeJs The era of digitalization is upon us and anyone that wants to stay successful must catch up fast. COVID-19 imposed an even greater speed of the online world and we see a lot of businesses adapting to the new normal using online tools. Today more […]

Digital Disruption: Develop Your Strategy Now!

Why do you need to make your business digital or perish? In the last decade, the global world of business has been fueled by technological advancement. However, most organizations were too busy running the primary business to see the threats of newcomers driven by technology coming. The digital transformation was essential but not urgent. Today, […]