Optimizing ERP processes with the power of data and application integration

1 minute read

To turn digitalization strategies into reality, many companies today pursue cloud-based technologies and select enterprise applications based upon best-of-breed capabilities. In doing so, information silos are created, resulting in inefficient business process flows and slower the desired business results. A data and application integration fabric is critical to remove friction and eliminate these delays.
On July 1st,  at 4pm BST, join the InterWorks and SnapLogic virtual hands-on lab and learn how to apply data and application integration to significantly improve ERP business process flows. For years, InterWorks and Snaplogic, have successfully helped organizations to  integrate, automate, and transform their  businesses.
In the first part of Enterprise Data Integration and Automation virtual hands-on lab series, you will learn the  power of the SnapLogic platform to:

  • Integrate different entities of an ERP process, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Integrate different types of data sources and formats, and application endpoints
  • Easily and painlessly cleanse, validate, and transform data
  • Shorten the time to deliver ideas to market  

A Q&A session will follow, to help you better understand how SnapLogic might address your business-specific needs.

  • Michael Nixon, VP Product Marketing, SnapLogic
  • Goce Mirchevski, SnapLogic Practice Lead, InterWorks
  • Vladimir Vlatko Dimitrievski, Senior SnapLogic Developer

Date: 01.07.2020
Time: 4 PM (BST)
Where: Zoom