Learn how SnapLogic Helps Companies Stay Relentless during Covid-19

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Learn how SnapLogic helps companies stay relentless during Covid-19
Living in uncertain times imposed by the pandemics related to COVID-19 made people and companies more vulnerable. Everyone is facing challenges and looks for ways to get out of the situation with as little consequences as possible.  It is in hard times like these when true leaders, true partners and friends come out on the surface. Finding the right partner is very important especially in times like these. InterWorks has been partner with SnapLogic since 2015 and our partnership grows stronger by the minute.
Be part of our webinar and listen to the value our partnership brings to companies and how SnapLogic helps companies stay relentless during Covid-19.

What you will learn:

  • The history of InterWorks and SnapLogic’s partnership
  • How companies can achieve higher levels of self-sufficiency
  • How you can reduce burdens on IT
  • How you can automate business data flow processes

Date: 29.06.2020
Time: 4 PM (BST)
Where: Zoom

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