Online Tech Meet Up 2020

1 minute read

Our first Tech Meet Up occurred in 2015 in Bitola, and with the years it became one of our favorite traditions. Since we are now practicing physical distancing we decided to organize our first Online Tech Meet Up. But what are the trending Tech topics this year? Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Digital Transformation are buzzing all over the tech world. In that manner, we decided to cover all those topics on our webinar.

What you will be able to hear and learn:
• SnapLogic and Recognizing Emotion in IMDB Comments Using SnapLogic Machine Learning- Petar Rajchinoski
• Machine learning in Python- Cvetanka Eftimoska
• Digital Transformation: Collect, Transform, Understand and Utilize Your Data – Marjan Sterjev
• Robotic Process Automation in Selected Business Cases – Aleksandra Stojanovski

Date: 20.05.2020
Time: 5 PM (CEST)