Life at ⋮IWConnect – 6th Edition, Q2/2021

07 Jul, 2021 | 6 minutes read


We are living in times of rapid innovation when it is almost impossible to catch your breath between each new extraordinary development. Technology changes, but what it takes to run a successful business never does. Half-year has gone and the past period has shown us that the most successful business owners are the ones that adopt new ideas and adapt to different ways of doing things.

As a company that is focused on using advances in technology to help companies unleash their full business potential, we believe that the best way to grow our Client’s businesses is by keeping one eye on the future while working hard today. And change is good, change is inevitable, and change is what moves us forward.

In the 6th edition of our Life at ⋮IWConnect newsletter, you will be able to read what we have accomplished in the second quarter of 2021. Before sharing our updates, we want to say Thanks to everyone that support us, walked the journey with us, and are in any way involved in our story.


Q2 Statistics


Certifications are proof that individuals have showed demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in their profession. Additionally, earning a professional certification means that we focus on the highest professional standards and ensure that the value we provide to our clients is in line with the latest standards.

Success Story

Our colleagues in collaboration with our ⋮IWEC have organized SnapLogic training for one of our clients, which resulted in a happy and successful story. We documented this story in an interview, where our employer branding specialist Renata, sat down with Mary Falcone to discuss how WOW! used ⋮IWConnect’s training program to shorten the learning curve for SnapLogic from months to days. Mary is a Director of Data Management and Business Intelligence at WOW!.

I think ⋮IWConnect has a fantastic grasp on SnapLogic and what it is and how to use it. I think if you want a hands-on class in a virtual environment this is an amazing option. We’re not in a classroom where we’re going somewhere so this is a great option to get people a live training in a virtual space where you are hands-on and working through how to learn the tool and how to use it.”

Mary Falcone


  • Driving digital transformation in the Education Sector with Enterprise Application Integration

The wide usage of the Internet and the increased level of connectivity has changed the way people interact with each other, the way they receive news, and perceive the world around us. Thus, an increasing number of progressive universities and technologies are moving to the cloud, integrate their applications and systems, and use data to improve the experience that they provide to their students, staff, and alumni. This trend will continue and those that are not ready for it might be faced with challenges that will hinder not only staff success but also students’ success. What are the challenges affecting the education sector and how can EAI help here?

If you are in the Education Sector and you are experiencing some of the challenges that we have mentioned, do not hesitate to reach out to us and discuss possible solutions.

  • Using Dynamics 365 to align your marketing and sales efforts

Having in mind the customers’ changing behavior, the increased online presence, and the increased connection between marketing and sales, it is more than obvious that marketing and sales should be perfectly aligned and function as one. The key to ensuring that these two departments are aligned is by using systems and solutions that increase collaboration, communication, and sharing of information. One such solution is Dynamics 365. Read the following posts to see what Dynamics 365 has to offer:

If you still haven’t employed a tool that would help you in the alignment of your marketing and sales efforts, do not hesitate to reach out to us and see whether Dynamics 365 is the right tool for you.

We also recommend checking out the following posts:

For more information about the solutions that we have created, visit our website – our blog post and case studies section.

Taking B2B eCommerce to another level

The market is full of eCommerce solutions that come with many out-of-the-box functionalities and can be easily upgraded. However, these solutions are not one size fits all. The solution that you, as a business owner, will choose depends on your business requirements and the amount of money that you want to invest to make it work. The implementation of these solutions requires investing a certain amount of time, and the time in a pandemic period is crucial for maintaining sustainability.

In the past several months, our team has been working on creating a B2B scalable e-commerce solution, which can be configured and implemented within two weeks’ time, and provides one-of-a-kind experiences both for customers and business owners. The platform is already available and if you are interested in what it has to offer, you can schedule a demo.

Contributing to Society

Whenever you contribute to society in some way and make other people happy, you paint the lives of those people a bit different, you add more color to them, and it just feels good to know that you are the reason for someone else’s smile. Having this in mind, we have created several online events which aim to help Society by providing knowledge in specific areas of life.

Online lectures at two universities in North Macedonia

  • Data Preprocessing

Data is an integral and important part of today’s world and having clean, processed and valuable data impacts the success of businesses. Data preprocessing is a crucial step in machine learning and it helps provide more meaningful data that can be trusted. Having longstanding experience in data, our colleagues have organized a lecture to show the importance of Data Preprocessing at one of the universities in our country.

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns & New Trends

Enterprise Application Integration is a relatively new field and most of the students know nothing or very little about it. Because of it, we decided to organize a lecture where our colleagues talked about EAI fundamentals, Enterprise Integration Patterns, the latest trends in integration and they got the chance to ask whatever they had in mind with regards to this field.

Scratch Jr Webinar

Programming is an interesting field for everyone and as time passes, more and more people get involved in the same. Programming is interesting for kids as well. That’s why, in cooperation with our Education Center (IWEC), we decided to organize a webinar for Scratch for children at the age of 6 to 10 years.

First Summer Camp for young programmers in our hometown

In addition to the Scratch Jr webinar, and in collaboration with our education center (⋮IWEC) we have organized a summer camp for children who want to learn to program. The summer camp will last 5 days and besides learning, children will be able to make new acquaintances and enjoy nature.

Recognitions & Achievements

We do our daily work based on the core values that we nurture since 2004. Unconditional contribution and absolute fulfillment are just two of the core values that we tend to cherish and knowing that we can make a difference makes us happy. In that manner, we are extremely grateful to our partner SnapLogic for recognizing us in their MVP program. The SnapLogic MVP program is designed to recognize and reward the best and most influential of the SnapLogic community.

You can read more about it here: Introducing the SnapLogic MVP Program


As a company that is focused on using advances in technology to help companies unleash their full business potential, we believe that the best way to grow our Client’s businesses is by keeping one eye on the future while working hard today. And change is good, change is inevitable, and change is what moves us forward.

If you want to see what we are doing on a day-to-day basis, follow our website and social media accounts: LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube accounts, or just send us a quick message to in case you want to discuss something.

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