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Custom Web Application for Online Ticket Sales

Overview The Centre for Culture in Bitola, which is the heart of our hometown’s artistic and historical expression, encountered a critical need to update how it sold tickets. The old way of doing things – selling tickets directly at the venue – was limiting who could attend events and wasn’t keeping up with what people […]

Strengthening Cloud Network Security for a Leading Telecommunications Company

Client Overview In the dynamic world of telecommunications, our client stands as a leading figure, renowned for their innovative approach and expansive customer reach. As they navigated through a period of rapid growth, the company faced a unique set of challenges that tested the limits of their operational agility. Operating across multiple regions, they managed […]

Cost Optimization for a Large Telecommunications Company’s Cloud Infrastructure

Client Overview A prominent telecommunications company, with a hybrid infrastructure spanning 34 AWS accounts across four regions, faced challenges in managing its extensive cloud resources. The company’s AWS setup included 24+ databases in a production environment, each handling 10-50 million records. Technical Challenge The company faced significant challenges in managing their AWS resources efficiently due […]

Comprehensive QA: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Testing

Client Overview In the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) industry, a leading company in the EV charging network sector embarked on a significant expansion. This expansion aimed to integrate advanced fleet charging capabilities into their already extensive network of charging stations, marking a critical phase of growth and transformation. Challenge The expansion introduced complex challenges, […]

Optimizing Enterprise Order Processing: Seamless Integration with Microsoft Azure Services

Client Overview We partnered with a leading global telco company to transform their order management system. The client was facing significant inefficiencies due to reliance on manual processes and disconnected systems for order intake, processing, and fulfillment. These challenges were negatively impacting order accuracy, fulfillment times, and operating costs. Technical Challenge The client processed orders […]

Optimizing Logistics Through Real-Time Data with Azure Cosmos DB

Client Overview Custom Logistics is a leading global provider of transport and logistics services, managing complex supply chain networks. Its vast operations track real-time data on shipments, vehicle routes, and inventory levels. With substantial growth and seasonal fluctuations, Custom Logistics sought to enhance efficiency, customer service, and competitiveness. Technical Challenge Their traditional databases struggled with […]

Streamlining HR Operations: Azure Cloud Migration for Enhanced Efficiency

Client Overview We engaged with a prominent client in the human resources and recruitment industry, serving the Texas market with a comprehensive suite of services, including professional employer organization, managed IT, employee benefits, payroll, risk management, and consulting. The client’s manual onboarding and benefits renewal processes were laborious, requiring significant man-hours and prone to human […]

Optimizing Decision-Making Processes for a Leading Telecommunications Company in the US

Client Overview Our client is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, with a long history of providing state-of-the-art communication services to millions of customers. As a major player in the dynamic and rapidly evolving telecom industry, efficient and effective decision-making process is critical to their operations. Technical Challenge With the manual […]

Leveraging QA Automation to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Client Overview A global leader in IT and business services, our client specializes in digital transformation through consulting and industry-specific solutions, encompassing business process services, IT modernization, and managed services. The client faced challenges in integrating financial data across various ERP systems, essential for their digital transformation journey. Project Overview Our objective was to seamlessly […]