Family as a Core Value and the Importance of a Family-Like Culture

13 Mar, 2020 | 2 minutes read

We all remember that feeling of coming back home, sensing the feeling of family warmth. Home, the place where everyone cherishes you and is ready to listen to you talking about the things that have happened to you, and help you when needed. The place where gossip and judging are off the limit because the family knows you better than anyone else, and stands by your side, supports and fights for you all the time. This is what happens at home, within your family.

But what if you find a working place where you can feel like a senior Jedi and experience all that? What if all that you have at home is transferred to the company where you work? Is it possible and achievable?

Nowadays, many companies are striving to achieve exactly that – because that’s where most of the people like to work, at a place where they feel appreciated and respected, just like at home. A place where everyone is treated the same and all strive to be the best version of themselves while adding value within projects and teams working for various customers and clients.

From the cornerstone of our existence, we focused on creating and maintaining a family-like culture, and at times it can be hard doing that because, in a group of more than 100+ people, everyone has different beliefs.

Why we set on developing and maintaining Family as a core value and why is it important? Listen to the video below.

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