Our Culture Is Defined by Our Core Values

11 Mar, 2020 | 3 minutes read

Cultures around the world are as diversified as the number of color shades that exist, and the best way to get to know a culture is to observe what’s happening around us. The culture is defined by the direct environment, country, region, and continent, but it is not set in stone.

There are a lot of different definitions regarding culture, but all of them retrieve their meaning from the basis, which is the ideas, values, customs, and behaviors shared within a particular group of people or society. When talking about characteristics, the culture is characterized by 5 things:

  • The culture is dynamic – it constantly interacts and changes – we interact with people from other groups so we exchange ideas, customs and behaviors and we add new culture layers on our already formed culture.
  • The culture is learned – by interacting with other people we learn, develop, change and improve our culture.
  • The culture is shared – in our everyday interaction with other people we share our culture with other people, it is easy for us to understand how to act appropriately and even more to predict the behavior of others.
  • The culture is integrated – culture does not exist in isolation, it is not only the ideas, separated from customs, values, and behaviors. Instead, it is interconnected with all of them and they are all mutually inclusive.
  • The culture is based on symbols – we use symbols to share culture – language, signs, art, etc. – each group has a different set of symbols which they use to share their culture, and those symbols are decided upon the group.

Taking the definition and culture characteristics into consideration we can freely say that the culture is fluid and is defined by a group of people that jointly agree they share the same values.

Now, you might say, but what is then the corporate culture? Corporate or company culture is the sum of the core values and the behavior they provoke, which draws its fundaments from the types of personalities in the company.

How about our corporate culture?

From the cornerstone of our existence we focus on providing a family-like and growth-based culture where everyone will share their opinions without fear, contribute to the well-being of others, and also challenge others during their work. This is closely related to our belief that there are no failures – instead ways that didn’t produce the results that we expected, and that mistakes are the greatest teachers, which can lead to extraordinary solutions. Therefore, we are not afraid to take risks and set new ideas in motion. Every activity that we do, every step that we take within the company has embodied the notions of family and freedom.

Every person in our company is unique with different skills set and characteristics, and we all strive to become better versions of ourselves compared to the day before by putting a focus on continuous learning from mistakes and growth, both personal and professional.

Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

Our corporate culture is shaped by the three guiding principles and six core values that we follow each day.

We strongly believe that values shape our personalities and that they shape the way a company works. We used them to determine our priorities and to measure whether the life that we live is on the way we want it to be. Starting from that point, we are fully aware that when there is an alignment between the company’s values and the employees’ values, the level of success only increases.

And having more than 150 employees in four locations, and experience and expertise in various technologies, starting from integration via application development, cloud services, support and maintenance to quality assurance and business support, we are ONE team, ONE family, having only one family-like culture focused on personal and professional development.

We believe when the core values are shared anyone can become part of the family. And strong relationships make better and happier teams! 🙂

This is our first post regarding our culture and core values. Starting from this week, you will be able to hear and read more about each of our core values in the series Our culture is defined by our core values.