GeoTab Geofencing Notificator Agent

By combining the Geofence notification feature by Geotab with the Geotab Zone Creator, the  Geotab Geofencing Notificator agent was created. It functions in a way

Automated GeoTab Zone Creator

Geotab offers Geofencing notifications when a Vehicle enters or exists in an area. These areas are usually created manually in the Geotab system with a

Data Feeder (Extractor) for GeoTab

GeoTab provides real-time data through feeds. The Data Feeder (Extractor) gathers the feeds data in real-time and stores it in DynamoDB. Once stored the data

⋮IW Geotab AddIn

⋮IW Geotab AddIn is a McLeod and Geotab Integration for Messaging and reporting Arrival and Departure from Stops. The accelerator offers fast, complete, and advanced

Order Management

Order Management ensures companies maintain their orders up to date and follow all the steps of preparing the order and shipping to the customer before

Recommender Engine

The recommender engine provides personalized service to customers. Based on the purchase history, the recommender engine tracks the products that the customer is interested in,

Product Bundles

Product bundles speed up the process of purchasing products and at the same time guide the user to a set of pre-defined steps which result

Shared Variable Library

Reusing components have become the game-changer not just for teams, but also for enterprises. It is a new trend in the field of software development