⋮IW Geotab AddIn

⋮IW Geotab AddIn is a McLeod and Geotab Integration for Messaging and reporting Arrival and Departure from Stops. The accelerator offers fast, complete, and advanced integration between McLeod LoadMaster and Geotab ELD, and automates the tracking and reporting of the Load progress completely. This AddIn is useful for drivers and fleet managers as well because it provides drivers with timely information about their assignments, and the fleet managers with data about the Load progress.

How does it work?

Drivers can add the IW Geotab AddIn to check their assignments, next orders, and all details that they need regarding Stops, comments, and instructions related to Stops, Stop Appointments, Messages, etc. Additionally, ⋮IW Geotab AddIn allows easy communication between the drivers and the Fleet Managers, providing information about the Load progress (stop arrival, loading, and unloading of goods, along with BOL). All this data is synced back to McLeod LoadMaster software through ⋮IW integration middleware and used in the back-office by Fleet Managers.


  • Automated tracking and timely reports of the Load progress
  • Completely digital add-on enabling constant communication between the parties involved in the transport of goods