Shared Variable Library

Reusing components have become the game-changer not just for teams, but also for enterprises. It is a new trend in the field of software development and system integration which greatly improves productivity and software quality. Additionally, it significantly influences efficiency, consistency, and most of all enables easier testing maintainability. Such one component which can be reused to accelerate work is the Shared Variable library which our team has created.

About the library:

The shared variable library is used to store values in application memory. It functions in the following way:

1. The library provides functionality to read the file and insert the values into the application memory.
2. It stores the application properties and/or other values that should be configured from time to time in files.
3. The reader parses the files and loads the values in the application memory.
4. If there is a new file or updated value of an existing file, the shared variable values will be updated.

The library consists of:

  • Functionality to store values.
  • Functionality to update the values.
  • Functionality to validate content.

Key Features

  • Stores values in different data types like JSON, XML, CSV which can be used across multiple applications.
  • Validates file content according to a specific Schema.
  • Updates the shared variable values on new or updated files, without restarting the application
  • Easy to upgrade and maintain
  • Could be reused at all integration points to a system
  • Increased developer’s productivity
  • Reduced complexity of the system and easy maintenance
  • Simplifies integration complexity