Product Bundles

Product bundles speed up the process of purchasing products and at the same time guide the user to a set of pre-defined steps which result in reduced time for browsing products, a reduced percentage of making a mistake for selecting not compatible products, and allowing the customer to quickly complete the configuration.

How it works

The accelerator can be added to every eCommerce solution. You can create product bundles of your own preference and when your customers enter your eCommerce shop to buy products, they will be able to see your created product bundles. Once they select the type of products they are interested in, the product bundle will display all products that are related and allow the customer to start adding them to the cart. Throughout the entire customer journey and the buying of products, the accelerator guides the customers via validation steps to ensure that the process is successfully completed, and mistakes are prevented.


  • Shortened customer shopping time
  • Eliminated chances for mistakes in product selection
  • Significant reduction in order returns