Mastering Secure Kubernetes-to-S3 Access with Terraform 

In today’s cloud-native landscape, Kubernetes has emerged as a powerful orchestrator for containerized applications, enabling seamless scaling, deployment, and management. With the rise of Kubernetes, the need to securely interact with cloud storage services, like AWS S3, has become increasingly vital. Ensuring that your Kubernetes pods can access S3 buckets securely is not only a […]

⋮IW on AWS Summit 2019

AWS Global Summits are events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn more about AWS. This year the AWS Summit took place on 22nd May in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Two of our cloud team members attended the summit and they were able to hear what the AWS experts had […]

Step Functions

Several months ago, we faced one interesting problem while we were working on a project using distributed approach. In our registered user scenario, we needed to register a user in several different systems. We started building Lambda function for each system where a user needs to be registered. For example, we had one Lambda function […]

S3 – top 3 new S3 features review

Simple Storage Service (S3) is an online storage service that you can use to store and retrieve any type of data, at any time and from anywhere on the web. In this blog I will dive in three additions that were announced on day 1 of re:Invent 2018. Object Lock Amazon S3 object lock enables […]

CloudWatch Insights

When AWS announced CloudWatch Insights, I had a great expectations to solve grand portion of the problems I have when using CloudWatch logs – and I use them a lot. First, just based on the service name, I expected that search inside the logs will be more user friendly and quicker. So, if you are […]