• SnapLogic Mentorship Program

    ⋮IWConnect is organizing a special mentorship program that will provide a real hands on experience with the SnapLogic platform and prepare you for real world scenarios. You will have the opportunity to work with the most demanding and most popular integration technologies. The experience gained through the learning program will help you start a career as a SnapLogic consultant.

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If you:

  • have basic knowledge in IT
  • want to learn modern technologies
  • extend your knowledge in integration
  • work on a platform that recognized as a market leader by Gartner several years in a row
  • want to understand business, and develop logic, not focus only on code
  • work on projects for widely-known companies, and
  • are comfortable working with a team as well as independently

Why SnapLogic?

  • Cloud Platform
  • Easy learning curve
  • Low code
  • Drag and drop components
  • Packed with features for a discrete user base
  • Secure

How to Become part of the Mentorship Program?


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Become part of the program

Become part of our mentorship program

What is SnapLogic?

SnapLogic is a software company specializing in cloud integration products. SnapLogic’s IIP is a cloud native middleware software that accelerates data and process flows across cloud and on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data streams and IoT deployments. SnapLogic can help you write, read, transform, version, analyze, and connect data payloads with the vendor systems. SnapLogic is enabling companies to fully integrate their data online, from any device, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

With SnapLogic, you can understand customer needs, solve their problems, and identify opportunities to help by managing their data on a single middleware platform that’s always accessible from anywhere.

SnapLogic allows you to integrate:

  • Anything: apps, APIs, things, data
  • Anytime: batch, streaming, real-time
  • Anywhere: on premises, in the cloud

Key Features of SnapLogic:

  • Data Automation and Integration (ETL/ELT)
  • API Management & Development
  • Performance Scalability
  • Endpoint Introspection
  • Data Preview
  • Integration Assistant
  • User Management
  • Organization and Project Management
  • Visual Statistics and Monitoring

About Us

We are a global, multi-disciplinary, integration consultancy company focused on Strategy, Data Management, Analytics, Infrastructure and Growth-Enablement. We work with the latest integration technologies, like MuleSoft, SnapLogic, we have one of the biggest Quality Assurance practices and we have expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Microsoft, PHP, Mobile Development, AWS Cloud, Data Management, Business Support, and DevOps. Our clients are located in the USA and Europe and you can find us in Bitola, Prilep, Skopje and Amsterdam.

Your Life at ⋮IWConnect

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