⋮IWConnect Employees at a Glance – Zoran

15 Oct, 2021 | 2 minutes read

I grew up in a time when there were no electronic gadgets, and I remember the excitement the moment I saw a computer for the first time in my life. I joined the radio amateur club, and the main reason for that was that they had a Commodore 64. Almost every evening, I was in the club, waiting for my chance to sit behind the computer. Luckily, when I was a seventh or eighth grader, I got one at home.

It seemed unfortunate at that time that my Commodore 64 arrived without an external storage device. I couldn’t load any game, and if I wanted to do anything with my computer, I had to program it by myself. To make things even worst, once the computer is turned off, everything is lost.

Commodore 64 came with integrated Simon’s Basic interpreter, so Basic was my first programming language. Shortly I realized that if you want to do anything more advanced on that computer, you must code it in assembler and learn its machine language. It was hard and complex, but somehow satisfying when your program finally works as you planned. It turned out that it gave me a great foundation for everything I learned in my IT career.

Some fifteen years later, with two other partners, I started the first Internet café in Bitola. It sounds like fun, but behind the scenes, there were some serious network and system administration tasks involved. Having a LAN with 25+ workstations back in the nineties was a playground that not many people had a chance to have. This was my second big learning experience and it was a step towards my next job as System Administrator at Bitola Municipality.

Working as a System administrator wasn’t new for me and I managed everyday tasks easily, but being employed in a governmental institution comes with responsibilities not always connected with the IT world.

My next big challenge was my appointment as the President of a Municipal Election Commission and as a public servant, you can’t refuse it.

My job was to organize everything around the elections in Bitola. It meant safeguarding the legality in the preparation of the elections, taking care of 170 polling stations in the city and the surrounding settlements, educating and monitoring 1700 members of the electoral boards, organizing transport, accounting …

All in all, leading 1700+ people for each election cycle during my seven years mandate was a great leadership experience. And that lasted until I decided that I needed a change and continued my career in ⋮IWConnect.

I started in the Cloud practice, and as an experienced administrator, it was something new, but also natural to me. I advanced fast, and here I am, a Senior Technical consultant.

Aside from my career, I am a married man and have two beautiful children.

I like spending quality time with my family and grasp every free moment to be with them. Traveling is also my passion and I try to catch every opportunity to travel and explore new places. It fills my batteries and gives me the energy to continue with my daily responsibilities.