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Why our SnapLogic team?

The Third Industrial Revolution brought personal computers and the internet, whereas the Fourth Industrial Revolution introduces and emphasizes connectivity. This connectivity includes not only connecting people around the globe but also integrating systems to achieve new successes. So, digitalization is a radical change, and having integration is an inevitable part which you should also include in your strategy to stay competitive in the disruptive world.

Develop your integration strategy, now!

Making your systems talk with one another gives you all the information needed to develop the best products and solutions, and to provide your customers with the best possible service. Our 100% certified SnapLogic team will work closely with you to realize the digital transformation initiative that you have started and will provide you with:

  • Decreased time needed to obtain the required value
  • Reduced costs by speeding up the design and deployment time
  • Improved data representation, harmonization, and analytics
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced time to market, accelerated revenue realization and lowered product and package development costs

Numerous companies working in the telco, retail, manufacturing, transport, and education have leveraged the knowledge and expertise of our 100% certified SnapLogic training consultants to decrease the time needed to obtain the required value, reduce costs by speeding up the design and deployment time, and to improve productivity through the enablement of business users and replacement of multiple legacy integration tools.

In 2015, ⋮IWConnect partnered with SnapLogic, which is recognized as the Best Platform as a Service or Cloud Middleware in the 2019-2020 Cloud Awards, and we provide solutions for all types of integration projects, which speed up productivity and time to value.

Our focus is on Application Integration, Data Integration, and API Management. Besides this, we also offer consulting packages depending on your needs.

Our Solutions

Application Integration

Connect your myriad of apps efficiently and experience their benefits at the fullest

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Data Integration

Realize the value of your data and gain business insights with ease

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API Management

Increase your revenue by managing and leveraging your APIs

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consulting packages

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SnapLogic Practice Lead

Jira Software

Goce Mirchevski

As a SnapLogic Practice lead, Goce is an experienced integration specialist with extensive knowledge in all our integration practices – SnapLogic, TIBCO, and MuleSoft. His passion for the IT has been since the beginning of his career and since then he is constantly in a learning process. He has experience in a wide variety of technologies, except the integration field, and his knowledge lust is never-ending. Aside work, he enjoys visiting and exploring new places, because he strongly believes that travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer.

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