Digitalizing Parking with a Modern and Smart Parking Solution

16 Aug, 2022 | 3 minutes read

Digitalization continues to pervade our world, and we see various areas becoming completely digital. Digitalization offers many benefits to people and businesses, such as increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, saved time when executing certain operations, even when performing daily boring tasks, and more. In this hyper-digital world, smart solutions are becoming our everyday life.

How can IoT and smart solutions help drivers?


of drivers avoid going to a destination due to the challenges of finding a parking space


of urban traffic is caused by drivers searching for a parking space


hours are wasted by the average driver each year when trying to park

One of the many things stressing drivers is looking for a parking space. But, those days of luck-based parking have come to an end – parking is becoming digitalized! Long gone will be the days of wandering around the city looking for a free parking spot, thus disrupting the peace of the citizens, polluting the air, and costing car drivers time and money. Smart parking solutions are the answer!

⋮IWConnect develops a smart parking solution that solves the question of Where should I park now?

Having in mind all the troubles that drivers have which are not due to not enough parking space, but a lack of information, we have developed a complete end-to-end smart parking solution that gives drivers real-time information about parking availability (both inside and outside parking), and information about traffic and road conditions. The solution is a cross-platform mobile app giving its users thorough information about the nearest parking on their mobile phones. The solution reduces traffic volume, gas emissions, and time spent looking for a parking spot, which directly influences the cost, time, and safety of drivers and event citizens.

Features that transform the parking experience

  • Finding the nearest free parking spot
  • Booking a parking spot
  • Paying a digital parking ticket
  • Setting parking duration sessions, and more.

All these features transform the parking experience and provide:

  • More data, and less guesswork by giving the driver real-time information about parking space availability
  • More convenience, and less wandering around by giving the driver the fastest route to a free parking space marked on a mobile device
  • More time, and less stress when looking for a free parking space as drivers have both real-time information and the route to the closest free parking space.


The benefits of using our smart parking solution are multiple and they affect the drivers, society, and the environment.

Saves drivers’ money by decreasing fuel consumptionReduces traffic volume on streetsReduces carbon emissions impacting the environment
Saves time in finding a free parking spaceIncreases safety and decreases car accidentsHealthier and safer environment
Reduces parking stress and anxiety Reduces congestion in neighborhoods
Sends notifications


The increasing of vehicles in cities and countries, and the constant changes in infrastructure increase the need for an efficient, digital, and smart parking solution. Even though we can see a lot of changes in the types of cars being produced, the need for parking will not be diminished, at least not in the near future. Our smart parking solution provides peace of mind for drivers, and at the same time allows for cities to manage the impact that the increasing number of cars has on society.

Do you want to check our smart parking solution?

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