A Work From Home Guide – Setting up Your Workspace

24 Mar, 2020 | 3 minutes read

Corona Covid-19 has spread throughout the entire world, and it affects everyone. Many of the companies have turned towards working from home. And working from home sometimes can be easy, and sometimes hard depending on how ready you are for the situation. Since we are in the IT industry, working from home is nothing new – all of our employees are allowed to work from home when they deem that is necessary. However, now it is the time when ALL of our employees are working from home and it can be challenging especially when it comes to meetings, solving a problem, etc. And having people with mixed emotions because of the Coronavirus spread can make the situation tough at times. Regardless, we should all be sensible and sit at home, and that’s why our employees have a work-from-home guide where they can read how they can make their remote working as efficient and productive as in the office.

Our guide focuses on three things:

In this article we will cover the first aspect:

Setting up your (physical and virtual) workspace

Our mind works in a really interesting way – we get used to the surrounding around us and when we need to change it, we might have a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings. So, setting up the workspace in a way that will reflect your office is one of the most important prerequisites when working from home. Take the time that you need and find the spot that will contribute to your productivity. The place which will be your office from home should have the following characteristics:

Physical workspace

Safe and secure

– Good ventilation, proper lighting, good ergonomics, and comfortable furniture are on the top of the list.

No distraction or disruption

– If possible find a place where you will have minimal to no distractions and disruptions. This can be hard especially when there are other family members around you.

A place for equipment and materials

– You need to find a place where you will keep all your equipment and materials so that you do not become disturbed.

Virtual workspace

Use your best connection

– When working from home, the wired connection is the best. But, if you cannot have that wired connection, and if you should use a wireless connection, we suggest that you make sure that the distance between you and the router is the smallest possible, and that there are no obstacles on the way.

Think secure, be secure

– Make sure that your connection is safe all the time because you might be dealing with sensitive information.

Mobile Hotspot when you need it

– Sometimes the network connection at home might cause issues, so using your mobile network is a great alternative. And since most of us are using Skype, Zoom, or GoToMeeting or similar applications like these, you can find and download the mobile version of all of them.

We covered one aspect of working from home. Our next blog post will cover the second aspect of working from home. How do you handle working from home? Do you have all the requirements set or you have trouble?  

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