Month: September 2023

Navigating Project Management Challenges with Jira: A Spotlight on Story Functionality

jira story

Are you a project manager looking for strategies to simplify your tasks and get over typical obstacles? You only need to use the Jira Story capability in conjunction with Alex Your Virtual Storytelling Agent to harness the power of AI. We’ll look at how these tools can be your secret weapons in overcoming project management […]

Meet Cvetanka: A Data Enthusiast and Speaker at the Belgrade Data Science Conference

Belgrade Data Science Conference

Autumn is all about conferences, machine learning, big data and of course harnessing the energy saved up over the summer. Speaking of conferences, our very own Cvetanka Eftimoska will be a speaker at the Belgrade Data Science Conference in Serbia. She’ll be addressing the topic of ‘Using Semarchy for Master Data Management.’ In this article, […]

From Idea to Reality: Employees at ⋮IWConnect, in Collaboration with “Deca” (Children), Donated Equipment for a Sensory Room Through Cryptocurrencies

donated equipment

Individuals from the “Center for Individuals with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities” in Bitola finally received a sensory room. The equipping of the sensory room was initiated more than 10 years ago, but due to insufficient funds, its equipping was delayed several times. Driven by a desire to help, the humanitarian organization “Deca,” founded by citizens […]

Simplifying Azure Infrastructure Management with Terraform and GitHub Actions


Infrastructure as code allows us to manage Microsoft Azure cloud environments with the same ease as we manage application code. By defining Azure infrastructure through configuration scripts, we gain the superpower of managing resources like virtual machines, compute, and cloud services rapidly, reliably, and repeatably.  In this article, we’ll explore how Terraform’s robust configuration language […]

CI/CD Pipeline: What Is It and How Can You Integrate VA Pete For Seamless Documentation

ci/cd pipeline

The era of manual software deployments is long gone. In today’s rapid release world, relying on developers to manually build, test, and deploy each code change is a recipe for slow, error-prone delivery. This is where continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD pipeline comes in – automating these processes for faster, safer code deployments. […]

⋮IWConnect Java Team’s Open Source Contribution and Journey: Skill Enhancement and Global Impact

open source contribution

Making your first open source contribution can be an intimidating but rewarding experience. That is why the IWConnect Java Team took the plunge and contributed code to the popular Spring framework, sharpening our skills and leaving a global impact. Inspired by a conference session on open source, the team, and myself reviewed Spring issues on […]

The Role of 3D in Medical Training and Simulations

3d in medical training

The human body is a marvel of complexity. Trillions of cells, tissues, and organs operate in intricate harmony to sustain life. For centuries, aspiring physicians have struggled to comprehend this elaborate machinery. Their tools were limited to rudimentary drawings and imagination. But no longer. A revolution in 3D modeling, animation, visualization and printing has unlocked […]

The Impact of 3D Modelling in Today’s Advertising: A Deep Dive into How 3D Modelling is Reshaping the Way Products Are Advertised

3d modelling in advertising

A 3D model refers to a mathematical representation of any 3-dimensional object or surface using specialized software. The model contains data on coordinates, textures, lighting, and other properties that allow the object to be rendered and displayed in 3D. 3D modelling in advertising has become an invaluable tool to realistically visualize products and environments. It […]

Unveiling Pete: Your Robust Partner in Streamlining Snaplogic Software Project Documentation

VA Pete, software project documentation

Let’s be honest – writing process documentation isn’t exactly a rockstar role for most developers. The prospect of manually recording the intricate details of complex pipelines makes even the boldest coders shudder. But what if technology could flip the script and automate this boring task away? Well, we’re here to tell you that the future […]