From Idea to Reality: Employees at ⋮IWConnect, in Collaboration with “Deca” (Children), Donated Equipment for a Sensory Room Through Cryptocurrencies

27 Sep, 2023 | 2 minutes read
donated equipment. IWConnect

Individuals from the “Center for Individuals with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities” in Bitola finally received a sensory room. The equipping of the sensory room was initiated more than 10 years ago, but due to insufficient funds, its equipping was delayed several times.

Driven by a desire to help, the humanitarian organization “Deca,” founded by citizens of Bitola and registered in Austria, organized a fundraising campaign consisting of selling art created by the users of the day center, later digitalized in the form of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

donated equipment. IWConnect

Empowering Young Creatives

DECA – “Decentralized Children’s Art” is a non-governmental, nonprofit humanitarian organization striving for transparency in donations, using blockchain technology. Each donation goes through several phases starting from finding an institution where a donation is needed, defining the project and financial framework, creating art which is then tokenized on the blockchain, and selling it through cryptocurrencies.

donated equipment. IWConnect

Using blockchain technology, anyone can have insight into the incoming and outgoing transactions at any time, ensuring the highest level of donation transparency.

A Donation In Line with the Values of ⋮IWConnect

Guided by the values lived by the employees at ⋮IWConnect, one of which is providing unselfish help to anyone in need, more than 30 employees participated in the action, and within just one week, the funds needed for equipping the sensory room were collected through the purchase of crypto tokens. With this, the employees at ⋮IWConnect showed that technology can be used to achieve charitable goals.

donated equipment. IWConnect

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the realization of this important project. This is proof that when there is goodwill and teamwork, everything is possible”.

We believe that with the donation realized through the collaboration of the civic organization “Deca” from Austria and ⋮IWConnect, we contributed to improving conditions for individuals with disabilities.

A Pioneering Step to Enhance Lives of Individuals with Special Needs

donated equipment. IWConnect

The sensory room is an interactive room equipped with appropriate equipment that supports the stimulation of senses for hearing, sight, touch, and smell, and influences the development of fine motor skills.

The humanitarian organization “Deca” from Austria, ⋮IWConnect, and all those who participated in this initiative hope that this step will serve as an inspiration for other companies and individuals to get involved and contribute to improving the conditions and lives of people with special needs.