The 5 Cs in Outsourcing and Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

02 Nov, 2019 | 3 minutes read

As you have read previously in our two articles on outsourcing ( 1) Outsourcing Services – is it a good or bad idea? and 5 reasons why Outsourcing to North Macedonia really works) outsourcing as a model is widely recognized and used. However, sometimes people are in doubt about it – they might be afraid that it might not work and that it will not go the way they have planned. Moreover, some don’t even know where and how to start. Before we delve into explaining our outsourcing model, we will give you the 5Cs when it comes to the successful outsourcing of software development.

 1) Concentrate on your goal

– When you employ an outsourcing partner, all you have to do is focus on the goal, on what you want to achieve. Do not interfere with your outsourcing partner’s way of working. What matters for you is getting the work done, but professionally. Allow your partner to implement their way of working.

2) Commitment

– You might partner with a really good partner, and you might feel that you do not have to be involved in the work – don’t ever do that. No matter the expertise that your partner might have, you must always be involved, because after all, you know your business the best.

3) Communication

– Just like in everyday relationships, if you want the relationship with your outsourcing partner to succeed you have to communicate on a daily basis. Expectations, concerns, goals, barriers all of them should be communicated. And as much specific as you are, as better the service will be. There are three key elements in any relationship and all of them are interlinked: communication, trust, and openness.

4) Choice

– You are the one employing the outsourcing partner, so you are the one choosing with whom you will partner. When it comes to the choice, always look for someone with knowledge and expertise, someone that will even say to you No, that is not the right way or This way is better or Why don’t you try this? These outsourcers are with vast experience, and their goal is to understand your business and give you the best service.

5) Contract

– And of course, all of the things that you have said and agreed upon with your outsourcing partner should be put on paper. Also, don’t forget to include the scope of the project, as well as the business outcomes that both sides want to achieve.

Once you understand and know the 5Cs for successful outsourcing, you are ready to find an outsourcing partner that will solve your problems.

InterWorks as a company is part of the vast outsourcing pool since 2004. So far, we have been engaged in numerous projects for clients of different industries, such as Telecommunication, Energy, Finance, Health, Banking, Education, Medical Management, Insurance, Retail, etc.

Paying attention to the state quality standards, security of data, partnerships with security companies, knowledge and expertise in many technological areas, such as integration, development, quality assurance, etc., InterWorks can give you Trust in the collaboration process and after it.

Having in mind that communication is really important, our trained professionals possess skills that will ease the way of communication and moreover they devote completely to the clients and projects, just as they are our own family. And finally, the most important thing is openness – we will freely share our opinion about your project and even disagree with you on some points that we deem to be not suitable for you.

Our main goal is to create outstanding value for the customers, to make them successful in our collaboration and to take all of the worries that they might have. Though all of the outsourcing companies might say the same, do not hesitate to give us a call and discuss everything that you might have in mind. After all, we are here to serve you, and you to leverage our expertise to become several steps ahead of your competition.