Taking the “Programming in C#” exam – What, Why and How

09 Jan, 2020 | 4 minutes read

Being a part of the Microsoft developer community is a perfect chance to learn, upgrade your knowledge and become a professional in what you do. One way to do this is by taking exams and achieving certificates – we all know that exams exist to show us whether we have the appropriate knowledge or we need to invest more. Microsoft certifications are seen as the strongest highlighters for proving the expertise that one team has, and the services that it can offer.

The exam 70-483 “Programming in C#” is one of those exams which are not easy to be taken, and are a proof of the dedication and knowledge of one company, and its employees to be the best in the field. The exam is specifically designed for those who wish to become experts in software development, and all those focused and taking this exam gain: knowledge, an assertion for possession of that knowledge, and opportunity to contribute to the company.

Last month 4 of us (Katerina Daralijoska Shemoska, Lihnida Dimeska, Andrej Boshkoski, Dragana Ancheva Velevska) took the exam, and our certificates bring IWConnect a step closer on the way of strengthening our Microsoft partnership with Gold competency in Application Development, meaning increased inside knowledge and increased value for our clients. The moment we decided to take the exam, we knew that it wouldn’t be easy, regardless of the experience we have.

Getting ready for the exam

One of the most important things that you should have when taking this exam is experience. But even with a lot of years of experience in programming in C#, you will still find some things that you never knew they existed, which is a perfect way to learn new things and improve the skills that you already have.

There is a huge pool of books out there that will help you in taking this exam. Any book dedicated to C# will help you understand some topics that will make your knowledge better and to prepare yourself. As for us, we have decided to use Programming in C# Exam Ref 70-483 Second Edition written by Rob Miles. We recommend this book, because it is straight forward, and all of the topics inside are explained thoroughly and are really concise.

Besides this book, we all used video materials. So, for all of you that prefer learning by watching videos here is a video playlist where you can do that:

Our recommendation would be to combine both, the book and the video, since both of them provide insights on the topic leading you to a better understanding of the tricky questions on the exam.


But theory without practice is nothing. Once you have learned the material, you need to practice everything that you have learned.

What about the exam day?

The exam itself has a maximum of 1000 points and in order to pass it, you need to have at least 700 points. The exam begins with questions, which must be answered in order to proceed to the next questions. It has some general questions such as how long you have been a Programmer, your experience in C#, and then you have also questions related to your knowledge level in several areas.

Answer the introduction questions as honestly as possible. Your choices are: Very Low, Low, Moderate, High and Very High.

Once you have answered this part, you will move to the other part of the exam which includes several sections, each of them having different types of questions – open-ended, multiple-choice questions etc.

What you should know is that within the section you can go back and forth when answering the questions – you can choose which one you want to answer first. But, pay attention once you move to another section, you will not be able to return and review the questions of that section.

Many people study just for the test, i.e. they study only the theory without making sure that they can employ that knowledge in practice. Microsoft has made the tests real-world focused, meaning that only learning the material by heart will not give you positive results – experience and practical knowledge are above everything.

Once you have finished the exam, the result will be shown immediately.


We all passed the 70-483 Microsoft Programming in C# exam on the first attempt, but that does not mean that the learning process was not difficult. And believe us it is worth all the hard work that you put into it because it will make you understand the language even more.

Since we are already working for a client where we are implementing the entire knowledge we had, this was just an addition in providing the best service possible. As we described before, there are still exams that are in our checklist. Our focus will continue to be: our clients and our knowledge – we will continue to grow and learn, become better day by day, and set and accomplish goals.  

Passing this exam was not easy, but the experience made it a simple process.

If you want to get more information about the exam, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to answer your questions from our own experience. And we believe that if you try, you will pass it as well – just equip yourself with enough knowledge.

A big thanks to Katerina Daralijoska Shemoska, Lihnida Dimeska, Andrej Boshkoski, Dragana Ancheva Velevska for sharing their experience regarding Programming in C# exam, and Congratulations on the certificates! We are proud to have you in our company!