2019, Bitola – ⋮IWConnect, a global, multi-disciplinary IT consultancy company joins its forces with Xblend’s product, Xray – a test management solution that builds cutting-edge software tools that support the software development lifecycle.

The constant technology development and innovation lead to increased customers’ expectations and the need for bringing value to market faster. In such fast-developing world, companies providing services and products should constantly improve the way they provide their services and products to satisfy these needs. Establishing partnerships with companies with whom you share the same values, mission, and vision is one way to continue providing an increased value to customers. After carefully evaluating all the companies offering tools for improving the testing process, we decided to establish a partnership with Xray and became an Xray Emerging Partner.

Xray is a complete test management tool for Jira. It is completely independent, meaning that it doesn’t require any other software to run. Since it is meant for Jira and is a complete test management tool it covers the entire testing cycle: test planning, test design, test execution, and test reporting. By doing that, it accelerates software development and focuses on delivering products and services of top-notch quality. 

On the other hand, ⋮IWConnect, as a global, multi-disciplinary IT integration consultancy company, brings a unique combination of a proven engagement model, high quality, consistent development process, deep technical expertise, world-class infrastructure, and a great sense of teamwork. This, and our expertise in QA and Atlassian products, in combination with Xray’s expertise, is the perfect blend that ensures continuous and fast delivery of quality software and products.

About IWConnect

⋮IWConnect is a global integration consultancy company with offices in North Macedonia, the United States, and Netherlands. ⋮IW has been operating since 2004 and has been Xray partner since 2019. Its portfolio spans projects in telecommunications, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, financial services and more.