Growth is in our DNA- Opening Another Office in Novi Sad

01 Feb, 2023 | 2 minutes read

19 years ago, ⋮IWConnect was born with the idea of creating software solutions that could change the world. Around five tech-enthusiasts turned this dream into reality. Since 2004 the company managed to turn this small office into one of the most contemporary hubs in Macedonia and broaden its presence in five different locations.

The first logical step was opening an office in Prilep and in 2018 around 15 colleagues had a new home there. Time passed and the company got bigger and bigger, thus requiring another office location. You are probably guessing Skopje. Yes, the capital of Macedonia was the following office location, and, in the Autumn of 2019, we bloomed our presence there. In 2022 the office in Skopje got small, because more and more members wanted to join us in the quest for growth, and we found a new bigger home in the capital.

2020 began with us extending our presence in one of the most popular IT hubs – Amsterdam, Netherlands. As we announced in our previous blog, our plans don’t stop here, we plan to go big. In 2023 we will not survive but we will thrive, so we are beginning the year by officially opening a bigger office in Novi Sad, Serbia. Our colleagues will be able to create unforgettable memories in their new office in the city center.

Our goal to act and think globally, go the extra mile and be bold and smart lead us to constant growth. Our plans will again not stop here. With a focus on the latest trends in integration, technology, AI, ML, data management, business support, low code platforms, DevOps and QA we are a partner our clients can connect with.