My friendship with Astro – my Salesforce friend

18 Oct, 2018 | 2 minutes read

Log in, log out, now log in again and log out again… endlessly pressing the log button – Oh, no!

I have been frustrated with logging in and logging out of applications for several years. They all use the same data, but they are not connected together. Forgotten passwords, reset requests, different user experience, several application updates and tons of time spent reading about the latest updates. You can imagine my frustration during my work day.

All of this frustration disappeared when I met my new best friend – Astro. Astro guides me through our playground called Trailhead, learning environment from Salesforce.

Every information you need is in one place, in the Salesforce Cloud. Single log-in, one application, unique user interface and three updates a year. Sales, Service, Commerce, Marketing, Community – all of these functionalities and more in one, single, unique application. Being located in Macedonia, Salesforce is not something we are used to seeing at companies, so I was surprised when I realized that Salesforce has been around for years, and at the same time ecstatic that IWConnect decided to join the Salesforce movement. Salesforce users are reporting +25% increase in Revenue, +25% increase in Marketing ROI, +35% increase in Customer Satisfaction. The only thing that you need in order to start learning or working on it, is just an Internet connection and a Web Browser.

Astro knows all of the Salesforce secrets and first he reveals them to me in our playground, then he tests my knowledge. For every successful challenge I receive points, badges and ranks. I started as a Scout and now I can proudly say that Ranger rank stands by my name. Ranks represent the knowledge you acquire, the challenges you take and the decisions you make on your way of becoming Super Hero Admin.

After five months of learning and making trails, we had to part ways with Astro. I am happy to report that I have a real project to test my knowledge. Large Telecommunication Company from USA needed my help, so I became their Super Hero Admin. Helping them solve their problems, catch their targets and guide them through their work with Salesforce.

If your company needs a real Super Hero Admin for your Salesforce App or an implementation partner you can contact us, so we can make trails together on your way to success.

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