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05 Feb, 2021 | 3 minutes read

Growing up in Bitola in the late 1990s and early 2000s was hard, our country was struggling and the world was in a big financial crisis (Internet Bubble). Аround this uncertain time my family was always telling me “computers are the future” so I can say I had a career direction on my mind, ever since I was little.

My first computer was a modest one, I could play a couple of games and connect to the Internet using time-limited Internet cards (cards that I got for free when I bought some IT Magazines).

Later, I started developing simple Delphi apps on this machine. At that time, I didn’t have a lot of books or video tutorials to learn from, so I just followed the documentation and samples of code from IT magazines. Therefore, it is possible to learn technology on your own.

High School was not very exciting, but I have some highlights. My first “aha moment” in high school was when we were learning about processors and Assembly. I started understanding how the processor works, how it communicates with the memory and does calculations. In other words, I started understanding that things are not very complex as they seem to be, and we can learn everything.

In High School Visual Basic and Delphi were the first programming languages that I used to create a couple of desktop applications that were connected to a database and I even sold one application to a local company.

At that point, I was obsessed with Delphi and I thought I can do anything (I still do).

When my college years started, I find out about Java and OOP. As I got better I realized that Java is very close to the way I think and see things. The general view of Java at that time was that Java is very complex, and everybody suggested to start learning PHP (at that moment the most popular programming language) so you can build web applications easily.

Throughout my career, I have used different programming languages and tools but I prefer Java-based technology to solve problems.

Goals and dreams for this year are to work on microservices architecture and solve problems in the FinTech industry. As you know a lot of Wall Street financial institutions are using Java to do everyday business (dealing with millions of transactions per second), which is a clear indicator that Java is anything but slow and secure.

My family (Maja, Luka, Jeki the dog) has grown in the last three months, we got our first child Luka, and I try to spend time with them as much as I can, and I enjoy observing how Luka is growing, thus gaining new abilities and skills.

Over the weekend you will not see me drinking beer in some pub, I’m usually walking the dog in the near mountains, try to conquer some local mountain peaks or making barbeque with some close friends.

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