⋮IWConnect Becomes Xray Certified Emerging Partner

03 Aug, 2021 | 2 minutes read

Back in 2019, we joined forces with Xray by Xblend which builds cutting-edge software tools that support the software development lifecycle (Read More). By combining our expertise with their expertise, we set on a path to create greater value for our clients.

And as of this week, we are proud to announce that we aren’t only a partner to Xray, but we are an Xray Certified Emerging Partner. Becoming an Xray Certified Emerging Partner doesn’t happen overnight. In order to become an Xray Certified Emerging Partner, you need to visit Xray Academy, which consists of 10 mandatory courses, and take the Certification Exam. Therefore, our QA team has been focused on learning, improving, and passing the certification exam to ensure that we have the correct understanding of Xray, its features, and best practices.   

xray certified emerging partner

Combining Xray and ⋮IWConnect Value

Xray is a test management tool that helps software development and testing teams improve application quality through efficient test management. The test management tool is fully integrated with Jira and helps users improve every aspect of the testing lifecycle from planning and design to execution and reporting.

⋮IWConnect is a global, multi-disciplinary, integration consultancy company focused on Strategy, Data Management, Analytics, Infrastructure and Growth-Enablement. Our services and solutions include leveraging system integration to unleash the true potential of companies’ ICT landscapes, building tailor-made solutions, translating data in information, improving enterprises core business focus by using Atlassian products, ServiceNow and Salesforce, and continuously monitoring and supporting systems.

By blending Xray’s expertise and our expertise in QA and Atlassian products, we focus on ensuring continuous and fast delivery of quality software and products. If you want to find out more about the value Xray and ⋮IWConnect provide to our clients, check out the following posts: