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Jira Query Sub-Filter Plugin

This post was originally posted on LinkedIn. Atlassian Jira is an incredible tool for task tracking and structural activity monitoring. Many business processes, software development, inventory,

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Boosting JIRA Reports using PowerShell

PowerShell scripts are widely used by small or large enterprises. This scripting language has been provided by Microsoft and by using it IT professionals are

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Ease Your Hiring Process with Jira

The job of an HR Manager can be a stressful one, especially if you do not have a well-established system for hiring employees. Full mailbox,

Quality Assurance

Comparison of JIRA Test Management Plugins

Introduction This article gives an overview of the features as well as a price comparison for some of the most used JIRA test management plugins. Comparison

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Jira User Directory Custom Attributes Integration

Jira supports integration with external LDAP User Directories. This is a powerful feature that allows authentication and authorization of users registered into existing (corporate) directories. One