Is PHP Serbia worth visiting?

01 Sep, 2021 | 2 minutes read

You might have heard of PHP Srbija (PHP Serbia). It’s a voluntary, non-governmental, and non-profit association of PHP experts and enthusiasts. Their goal is to popularize the PHP programming language and share knowledge and experiences among PHP developers in Serbia.

Today, the association claims to be the largest programmers’ group in the Balkans. They have strong connections with other PHP communities both regionally and globally. Our PHP team stays updated with the latest tech trends, which led them to attend PHP Serbia 2021. The team spent three wonderful days sharing knowledge, learning new things, and meeting many like-minded professionals.

Read about their experiences and decide if this event is worth attending.

Andrej Nankov:  It was an awesome experience. There were many insightful talks and experienced professionals. Personally, I learned a lot from both a developer and personal perspective, including career growth, personal development, and managing daily stress. I am grateful for this opportunity, and this event will stay in my mind for a while.

My top five talks were:

  • You call yourself a Senior Developer?
  • PHP Fibers
  • We Are Developers and We Need Therapy!
  • Living with open-source responsibility
  • I just became team-lead, now what

Filip Stojkovski: It was a very nice conference. You realize you’re not the only one with a problem or a solution. The event helps you overcome mental blocks when you feel like you’re going in circles. It really opens up new views on existing and new subjects, making it a truly valuable event to attend.

You can imagine the talks we had after each presentation. The team has grown! This is the way!

Ivan Iskov: 

Attending the PHP Serbia conference was an educational and overwhelming experience. I strongly recommend such events for their valuable presentations and insights into PHP technology. The breaks between presentations provided amazing opportunities to meet new people, expand your network, and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals. My favorite presentations were:

  1. You call yourself a Senior Developer?
  2. Minimize the framework and allow yourself some DDD
  3. Escaping from OOP boundaries
  4. WordPress Through The Terminal
  5. PHP Fibers