Good Outsourcing

20 Jan, 2015 | 2 minutes read

On a cold Monday morning, back in 2004, in a small garage, a group of enthusiastic programmers, set together and started writing the history of ⋮IWConnect. It was not in a garage actually; it was on a ground floor, just a little bit larger than an average garage, although it definitely didn’t have the smell of a garage. It had the smell of creativity and optimism. We turned on our desktop computers (laptops, as we know them today, were still not invented) and connected to the Internet via our Dial-Up modem… And we connected to America!!! (Some of you may still remember that sound; the others, you can download it on your Smartphone). We had an optimistic idea to do programming for America (afterward we learned that Outsourcing is the proper name for that activity).

We knew that “some” guys from China and India were already there, but who cares! We were there also! A handful of top experts armed with nothing but a great vision and expert programming background. Lunatics maybe? That is how it all started. And we continued doing programming, so-called Outsourcing. We couldn’t imagine by that time that in a decade, we’ll be almost 20 times bigger, that we’ll have >100 large and small successful projects behind, that we’ll have more than 3.7 man-centuries billable resources, that we’ll extend our modest technological knowledge to several high-performance technological company Practices, that we’ll deal with Social Responsibility, and we’ll have several highly apprised Company Certificates. We also couldn’t imagine that our Clients would be enterprises like the one which is the World leader in media and entertainment (the one with the lion doing “roar”), the company that is not Coca-Cola but is also Cola, the company that is the World’s largest producer of processors, the Telecom wireless company recently bought by AT&T, and the famous Institute for Marine Microbiology from Bremen (Germany), just to (not) name few. And we did all that growth and success thanks to Outsourcing.

One of the explanations about Outsourcing according to Wikipedia is that it is a Business Model. That’s fine and that is what we all know. But Good Outsourcing is something else. It is not a Model of doing business and it is not only about profit. Good Outsourcing is about appreciation, understanding, respect, responsibility, and trust and these attributes are the building blocks of a strong and prosperous relationship. And those attributes are bidirectional. Through this short story, our History, it is obvious that Outsourcing was our ultimate choice and destiny. That’s why we love it and that’s why we’ll continue utilizing and improving it; it was the right choice for more than 50 of our happy Clients as well. They trusted us, worked and still work with us growing their business because of us and Good Outsourcing. So, don’t wait. Make a tour through our WEB site to understand who we are, and how we do IT and finally, let’s do IT together.