After the various discussions ⋮IWConnect had with the Municipality of Bitola, we decided to develop unified system for management of outdoor objects of significance in a specified area – an SEOS application. The system was developed in order to help the Municipality solve their need quickly and efficiently. The application provides improved analysis for efficiency, coverage, infrastructure and connectivity of the street lighting object. The solution includes Android client application for outdoor marking of objects and .Net web application for system administration, analyses, reporting and management of the entities in the entire system.

The final implementation resulted in an easy to use, handy Android application and UI rich, scalable and flexible web application with preview of localized objects on an integrated map. Precise GPS positioning and automatic tracking the location of each entity of geo-map, reduces the time required to manually update and label the specific units.

InterWorks developed SEOS application for Municipality of Bitola

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InterWorks developed SEOS application for Municipality of Bitola

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