Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

20 Mar, 2015 | 2 minutes read

The first question you will hear from your trainer on a Marketing Workshop is: “What is your USP?”. While trying to figure out what that acronym means, comes the second and the next question: “What makes you Unique? Why do you think you are different?” Ok, it’s an easy question. “Well, we are flexible, we are dedicated, we are …, hmmm”. Uuups! After a while, you realize that it’s not that easy and you don’t have a straight answer. The quest for that answer becomes your nightmare. USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. The dreamer’s nightmare, very soon, translates to an obsession with those who are responsible for transforming the vision of uniqueness into a reality, which could be one of the two: success and growth or failure and decline.

The obsession continues and the same question always stays: “Are we Unique? Are we still Unique?”.

The answer to the question, “Is it so important to be different” is easy: if you are Unique, you have better chances on the market and your future looks pink. Although your prosperous USP is about your future, it all comes from your past. Your uniqueness is your History and you can’t change it nor convince your future Clients with fairytales. They ask for your facts and they judge with those facts about your company and your USP. So, your USP is not what you will do, but what you have done. Very briefly and telegraphic, these are the basic facts about who we are and how we do it so you can judge yourself about our USP:


Location – Bitola, Macedonia; 10+ years of successful project delivery; Model – outsourcing (95%); Markets – USA (70%), Europe (30%) – Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, EU funded projects; Relationship with Science- Max Planck and MARUM Institutes, Germany


Telecommunication, Energy, Government, Finance, Healthcare, Medical Management, Banking, Retail and Science Solutions Practices JAVA, Microsoft, Mobile, TIBCO EAI/SOA, Testing, Support; SOA/EAI Toolkit and Frameworks; Handful of GA products; Rulebook for Enterprise Integration; Excellent Delivery track record


~70 English speaking employees; < 5% annual resource turnover; Adaptive Corporative Culture; Training, Education and Mentoring services; Highly experienced project leads; Three level Escalation policy


Competitive rates and Discount policy; Realized projects > 100+; 3.7 Man-Centuries billable projects; Projects scale, resources 2 – 50, duration 1 – 60 months; Agile with SCRUM or whatever you prefer; Flexible resource and fee arrangements.


~95% repeat business rate; 50> satisfied Clients; 100% referencable Clients; Long-term and Joint ventures, Partnerships, and Certifications in premier technologies.