Streamline Document Management and Signature Workflows with Esignifi and DocuSign Integration in ServiceNow

09 Aug, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Streamlining those document management and signature workflows is crucial in this digital era, right? With everyone going paperless nowadays, companies need slick systems to keep operations flowing smoothly. And that’s where ServiceNow comes gliding in – their digital workflow platform aims to grease the wheels of productivity. 

Now, one super convenient integration they offer is the Esignifi and DocuSign integration. These leading e-signature tools can whisk agreements through approval and sign-off seamlessly within ServiceNow.

But how exactly does this document dance work? Well, Esignifi is the plugin bringing harmony between ServiceNow and DocuSign. It’s the maestro conducting this paperwork orchestra. Esignifi lets you prep agreements in ServiceNow, fire them over to DocuSign for lightning-fast digital signatures, then whisks the finalized docs back to the platform. No clunky downloads, uploads, or email tennis matches. Just streamlined end-to-end management.

So, if disjointed documents and delayed signatures are a workflow wart in your organization, consider this beauty of integration. Implementing Esignifi and DocuSign with ServiceNow could be the papercut remedy you need. You’ll be waltzing through agreement workflows in no time!

Let’s see how the process goes in the article below.

Prerequisites for Esignifi and DocuSign Integration

Before diving into the integration process, there are a few prerequisites you need to address:

ServiceNow Instance

To integrate Esignifi and DocuSign, you’ll require a valid ServiceNow instance. Make sure you have access to a ServiceNow environment with appropriate administrative privileges to install and configure plugins.

Esignifi Plugin

Obtain the Esignifi plugin from the ServiceNow Store or an authorized provider. Ensure that the plugin version is compatible with your ServiceNow instance. Review the provided documentation for installation and configuration instructions.

DocuSign Account

An active DocuSign account is essential for integration. Sign up for a DocuSign account if you don’t already have one. Ensure your account has the necessary permissions and access rights to create and manage envelopes, templates, and recipients.

DocuSign API Access

Enable the DocuSign API within your DocuSign account to facilitate the integration. API access is typically available through specific plans or subscriptions. Refer to the DocuSign documentation or contact support for instructions on enabling the API.

DocuSign API Credentials

Generate the required DocuSign API credentials, such as an integration key, client ID, and client secret. These credentials are necessary to establish the connection between Esignifi and DocuSign. Follow the DocuSign documentation or contact support for instructions on obtaining the API credentials.

Configuring Esignifi Map in ServiceNow

Once you have met the prerequisites, configuring the Esignifi Map in ServiceNow is essential to establish a connection between ServiceNow documents and fields and the corresponding fields in DocuSign templates or envelopes. This synchronization ensures accurate data exchange during the electronic signature process, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your document management workflows.

Benefits of Esignifi and DocuSign Integration

The integration of Esignifi and DocuSign offers several significant benefits:

  • Streamlined Workflows: The integration streamlines document management and signature workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users can seamlessly handle document management and signatures within the familiar ServiceNow environment, resulting in a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Increased Efficiency: By automating document workflows and eliminating manual processes, the integration saves time and increases overall efficiency.
  • Compliance and Security: DocuSign’s robust security features ensure compliance with industry standards and protect sensitive data during the signature process.
  • Template Management: Esignifi and DocuSign integration enables centralized management of templates, ensuring consistency and standardization across documents.


By leveraging the capabilities of Esignifi and DocuSign integration within the ServiceNow platform, organizations can optimize their document management and signature processes. This optimization results in time savings, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity. Streamline your workflows, enhance user experiences, and ensure compliance and security by implementing this powerful integration in your organization.