Confluence – Have Everything in One Place

10 Jul, 2018 | 2 minutes read

Confluence is another tool of the set of Atlassian’s products, which enables steams of all sizes to create, share and collaborate on projects in one place. Confluence is an open and collaborative tool that helps your company and team stay organized and do their best all the time. 

Check what Confluence is about, and if you are interested in it we are here for you.


Teamwork can get messy. Good ideas get lost in the email void. Team members come and go.

Different timezones affect timelines and you spend more time looking for information than getting things done.

Presenting Confluence – the best way for teams to stay on the same page.

It’s an open and shared work-space that connects people to up-to-date ideas and information and helps everyone do their best work.

Designed with fast-moving teams in mind, Confluence is built to grow with you.

Planning a new product launch?

There is a template for that.

Simply drop in project specifications, research and any other must-haves.

Once you are done, share this with your development and engineering teams.

As the project moves forward lupine the design team by assigning tasks and create one place for everyone to see the latest prototypes.

Need some space?

Keep everyone’s work organized in individual spaces and stay focused on shortening your own to-do lists.

Confluence makes it easy for new team members to get caught up.

Say a member of your marketing team hears about the product launch she can quickly search for the right page.

Save it for quick access later and contribute directly from any device.

Everyone who selected to watch the page is automatically notified of the latest updates so nothing gets overlooked.

You’ve made it to product launch day.

Once you are done, Confluence stores all your great ideas, so other can access and track your success.

On to the next, do your best work with Confluence.

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