Digital Tracking Solution: Transforming Brand Engagement with a Mobile App

Project Overview

Our client sought a dynamic mobile app for a digital tracking solution that would bridge the gap between physical products and the digital realm. Their goals included creating digital assets from physical products, implementing distributed ledger technology (DLT) to manage these assets as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and enhancing brand engagement and customer interaction through a seamless digital experience.

Client Background

The Client is involved in the organic food industry, particularly in food technology and the global food import and export markets. They focus on the distribution and promotion of organic and sustainable food products, given their presence in both the USA and Japan and their emphasis on trends in food technology and markets.


Integrating Physical and Digital Worlds: Seamlessly connecting tangible products with their corresponding digital counterparts was a significant challenge.

Curating Digital Content: Organizing digital content such as images, videos, 3D models, and specifications for each product in a systematic and engaging manner presented a complex task.

Ensuring Security and Authenticity: Establishing a system to verify the authenticity and security of digital assets, safeguarding against counterfeiting and unauthorized alterations, was crucial.


Our Strategy

Our strategy centered on creating an intuitive digital tracking solution app process for clients to integrate their physical products digitally through QR code and NFC scanning. We elevated user engagement with 3D models, offering dynamic, interactive presentations of products. Augmented Reality (AR) technology provided users with immersive product previews, aiding in visualization and purchasing decisions.


Technology Stack: We leveraged iOS (Swift / SwiftUI), SceneKit for 3D models, ARKit for AR experiences, and NFC/QR code scanning.
Data Storage: We used Azure and AWS for robust, scalable data storage.
Blockchain Integration: Ethereum blockchain ensured the security and traceability of digital assets.


We adopted Agile development, collaborating closely with the client for feedback and iterative improvements.


Enhanced Brand Image: The app improved the overall brand image and user perception.
User-Friendly Interface: Users appreciated the intuitive interface and interactive product engagement.
Boosted Sales: AR previews and 3D models led to increased product sales and higher conversion rates.
Trust and Loyalty: Blockchain-backed NFTs instilled trust and bolstered brand loyalty.

Business Impact:

The app transformed the client’s business model:

Increased Sales: Substantial sales growth and improved conversion rates.
Stronger Customer Engagement: Enhanced customer understanding and loyalty.
Brand Identity: Reinforced brand image attracted new partnerships and customers.

Lessons Learned:

User-Centric Design: User feedback and iterative development were crucial.
Multi-technology Integration: Planning and coordination were essential.
Effective Collaboration: Cross-functional teamwork was key.

Performance Metrics:

Partnership Growth: 3 new partnerships within the first quarter of the app’s release.
Customer Satisfaction: 90% of users reported high satisfaction with app features and ease of use.