Automating Business Processes to Enhance Transformation and Growth

13 Jul, 2020 | 3 minutes read

As we have already said in our previous blog post automation represents one of the most important parts of the mosaic in achieving and maintaining digital transformation success (Why you should start your automation now?). As this new era of enterprise automation has begun, IWConnect and SnapLogic have been helping customers integrate, automate, and transform their businesses for a few years now. Three of our clients in the banking and telecommunication industry have already started their process of going digital by leveraging IWConnect’s consulting experience and expertise and SnapLogic’s leading cloud integration platform to automate their business workflows and processes.

Successful Automation Stories:

a) Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB)

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a specialist bank, staffed by experts focused on helping UK businesses realize their ambitions. Their dedicated Specialist Business Finance, Development Finance, and Specialist Mortgages divisions ensure that businesses receive the outstanding service, lasting relationships, integrity, and expertise they need to prosper. HTB also provides savings accounts to individuals and businesses.

To improve the service it provides, HTB established a new asset finance system to replace an existing legacy system and at the same time, migrated the critical processes and data to the cloud. A key challenge was to introduce a platform to ensure communications between these new systems. HTB succeeded in ensuring all systems worked together as one cohesive unit and automated the process of compiling and constructing information, making SnapLogic one of the key pillars in their organization enabling this transformation.

b) V12 Vehicle Finance

V12 Vehicle Finance is a trading name of Secure Trust Bank, a comprehensive, used vehicle proposition that’s unique to the industry. With a powerful hub of products and technology-led partners, we make it easy for car dealers to source, buy, sell, and finance used vehicles.

Secure Trust Bank, is an award‐winning retail bank that provides transparent banking to over a million customers across the UK. Founded in 1952 in the West Midlands, it has offices located in Solihull, London, Manchester, Cardiff, and Rotherham.

As part of their growth plan, they have implemented a new IT infrastructure making them more modern and agile. To further support and improve new business opportunities, they needed to automate many repetitive, manual tasks, as well as replace certain legacy systems, to enable their IT team to focus on more strategic projects. By leveraging the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, V12 Vehicle Finance successfully integrated its internal applications and systems, and automated key processes, allowing a seamless data flow across departments.

c) A leading telecoms provider

The client is a large telecom provider in the United States, with a service area of more than three million residential, business, and wholesale consumers, providing services in 19 markets, ranging from high-speed Internet, cable TV, phone, business data, and voice, to cloud services.

The client continually upgrades service packages to drive customer acquisition and retention, but there was no connection between the data and applications across the enterprise, nor timely insight into customer data which made it difficult for the marketing team and the company as a whole to make fast decisions and take meaningful action. Using the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, the client integrated various apps and data sources, thus fully automating the process of collecting, cleansing, transforming, and analyzing data from various apps and data sources.

Enterprise Automation brings a lot of value to enterprises, small and big. Improved efficiency, increased productivity, faster time to market, and almost no chances for error are some of the benefits that companies enjoy. These are further accompanied by increased ROI and new business opportunities.

If you want to see enterprise automation in action, watch our demo with our partner SnapLogic, and if you want to give it a try contact us.