Ensure Best User Experience by Testing Your E-commerce Website

10 Jul, 2020 | 3 minutes read

It is often said that there is only one chance to make a first impression. This is true, not only for the people we meet but also for everything that we see for the first time. Therefore, the same goes for your customers visiting your e-commerce website for the first time. If their first website impression and experience are positive, you can believe that they will return. But, what if the experience is not positive?

To ensure that the only impression they get is positive, you shouldn’t leave things up to chance. A great website experience starts with creating a user-friendly, integrated, and modern e-commerce website, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you have created your e-commerce website, the next thing to do is test it thoroughly. There are many ways to test an e-commerce website, with automated testing being probably one of the best.

Our quality assurance experience includes testing various types of websites using various tools and technologies, including automated testing. One of our clients in the retail industry has an e-commerce website, which is more like a marketplace because it consists of a vast network of pet products and services partners, and has been using manual regression website testing. This testing process is costly and time-consuming, and to keep the costs to a minimum and eradicate potential issues we proposed employing automated testing by using Robot Framework.

Robot Framework is an open-source platform, and very versatile, so it came all naturally to choose it. Compared to the previous regression testing, automated testing significantly reduced the costs and the time needed to test the e-commerce website on the client’s side. Some of the key benefits that we would like to point out are:

  • Decreased costs by 40%
  • Increased customers’ satisfaction by 45%
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Increased employees’ satisfaction
  • Diminished the chance for production issues
  • Provided security to the vast network of partners for a 24/7 running e-commerce site
  • Eased up the regression testing process, and reduced the strain on the QA team so that they could focus on testing new features better
  • Eased up automation script development so that every QA member can feel comfortable with automation stuff
  • Increased overall satisfaction between QA members, development, and corporate teams, enabling on-time delivery of quality new features and products, resulting in an overall better product for the client.

Automated testing saves testing time and resources, and at the same time increases speed, efficiency, and software quality. But, testing your e-commerce only once after you have built it is not enough. Over time, plugins get updated, and new features and products are added, so the wise thing to do is to test the website over a certain period of time depending on the changes that you have made. To ensure the best user experience, testing, and 24/7 support and maintenance are inseparable parts of the process of e-commerce website creation.

⋮IWConnect’s QA expertise:

Our Quality Assurance department is one of the largest departments, existing since the beginning of ⋮IWConnect. The team in QA is one that is constantly growing, sustainable, and vibrant, and our clients in different industries, such as retail, telecommunication, manufacturing, etc. can leverage our expertise and experience to gain confidence in their IT systems. You can read more about our Quality Assurance experience and expertise here.