Accelerating eCommerce Growth and Sales with eCommerce Accelerators

18 Nov, 2020 | 2 minutes read
  • 63% of shopping occasions begin online
  • 50% of shoppers shop on their mobile phones
  • 42% of the US population bought products online due to COVID-19

Statistics show that shopping online has become a habit. This habit is further strengthened with all the technological advancements, social media platforms, and of course COVID-19. Previously, shop owners didn’t have to rush to have their shop online, but nowadays it is a must if they want their business to thrive and survive in these pandemic times.

During our long years of experience, we have been involved in the field of web and application development, and eCommerce is one of the solutions that we offer. The solution is a complete, end-to-end solution, meaning that it includes: design, development, testing, support, analytics, and even integration with external systems. You can read more about our eCommerce solution on the following links:

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  4. Importance of eCommerce support and maintenance
  5. Deliver a valuable experience using headless commerce

Once you have your eCommerce solution set, you might think that the job is all done and you can just focus on adding new products to your inventory list. However, this might not be the case. Each day, new things pop up, new technologies emerge, which if leveraged properly can only improve the business. Having in mind the fact that the market is not fully utilized, and that there are components within eCommerce solutions that can be augmented to improve the e-shop, we have created eCommerce accelerators which touch three points of an e-shop:

  1. Products and creating product bundles
  2. Personalizing customer experience by using a recommender engine
  3. Streamlining the order management process of your business

All these accelerators can be used and operate independently of each other and they have one thing in common:

  • Boost eCommerce shops, and improve customer acquisition and retention processes.

The main idea behind the accelerators is to:

  • Bring value to market faster
  • Significantly improve customers’ shopping experience
  • Initiate a shift towards a new working model
  • Accelerate ROI

Product Bundles

circle of purchasing process
  • Speeds up the process of purchasing products;
  • Guides the user during the buying process.


  • Shortened customers’ shopping time
  • Eliminated chances for mistakes in product selection
  • Significant reduction in order returns

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Recommender Engine

recommendation engine
  • Provides personalized service to customers


  • Personalized customer service
  • Fast browsing and ordering
  • Increased customer satisfaction and ROI

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Order Management

Order Management
  • Ensures companies maintain their orders up to date;
  • Follows all the steps of preparing the order and shipping it to the customer before marking it as completed;


  • Significant reduction in not delivered products due to not updated stock
  • Reduction in mistaken deliveries
  • Transparency and control over the entire process

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If you want to see how these accelerators work, feel free to reach out. We will be more than happy to even schedule a demo with you.