A Complete and Streamlined End-to-end Supply Chain Customer Solution

06 Aug, 2020 | 2 minutes read

An effective and efficient supply chain is essential not only for keeping your customers satisfied but also for raising their expectations and delivering exponential value. Besides providing your customers with what they want; a streamlined and efficient supply chain makes the business sustainable and profitable. In a broad sense, the supply chain includes several parts: 1) supply chain planning 2) sourcing & procurement, 3) operations and 4) logistics & distribution.

Optimizing each of these steps is crucial because, without it, you risk being unable to meet your customers’ growing needs, and respond to market changes fast, which ultimately affects your growth and ROI. To further support the growth and expansion in global markets, one of our clients, a specialist building materials supplier with over 6 thousand employees and operating areas across Europe wanted to optimize their supply chain management system which is crucial for their efficient operation. During their course of work, they experienced challenges in the supply chain process especially in the parts of supply planning, logistics, refunds, and returns. More specifically, there was a lack of communication between the resupplying legacy system and the third-party vendors responsible for resupplying, inefficient and costly order shipment and delivery process, and time-consuming refunds and return process.

By using SnapLogic as an iPaaS and establishing mechanisms and specific triggers, the client was able to streamline the entire supply chain process and the processes that mostly affected it. More specifically, by employing specific mechanisms and establishing a connection between the client’s legacy systems and third-party vendors’ systems a complete automation of the supply planning process, the order shipment process, and the refunds and return process was achieved. The fully automated processes enabled the client to break down data silos, get full end-to-end data visibility, appropriately meet customer needs, and even exceed their expectations. The timely and fast reaction based on the seamless communication and data flow between the dispersed systems ensured competitive advantage and accelerated time to value.

These well-oiled and streamlined processes are further supported by using ⋮IW DevOps expertise to continuously monitor SnapLogic integrations. The monitoring of the integrations is done 14 hours per day, 6 days a week which results in significant Source and target API error reduction, lower ticket resolution time, increased productivity, and efficiency. Therefore, SnapLogic ensures successful and continuous data load and flow not only within the enterprise but also with third-party vendors, and ⋮IW DevOps ensures the environment is always up and running, without any problems.

supports & monitors plc integrations

By leveraging our SnapLogic and DevOps expertise, the client received a complete end-to-end solution that supports their plans for future growth and expansion. If you want to find out more about the solution, contact us.