Month: August 2022

Digitalizing Parking with a Modern and Smart Parking Solution

Digitalization continues to pervade our world, and we see various areas becoming completely digital. Digitalization offers many benefits to people and businesses, such as increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, saved time when executing certain operations, even when performing daily boring tasks, and more. In this hyper-digital world, smart solutions are becoming our everyday life. […]

Low-code Platforms & Why You Should Start Using Them

Optimizing the supply chain

There was a time in the past when applications weren’t even an idea and people were living their lives without applications. But, the beginning of computers and mobile phones brought applications to life. And as expected, the first apps have nothing to do with the apps that we use nowadays – they are completely different. […]

Leveraging Dynamics 365 to Improve Real-time Marketing

Business growth doesn’t happen overnight and marketing is an essential part of it. In this digital age, customer experience is rapidly becoming the most important priority for organizations to focus on, and personalized communication is critical to gaining and retaining customers. Real-time marketing is all about sending the right message to the right customer at […]