Women at ⋮IW Can Have It All!

22 Aug, 2018 | 2 minutes read

Do we have to mention that men and women are equal? Maybe we would have to mention it, but luckily for us at ⋮IW we don’t have to! Many companies are still stuck in the period of male dominance, which unfortunately brings us back to the whole male-female equality issue. Is that still on the table?

To be honest, I don’t pay attention to this because men and women are equal. I honestly believe that we are approaching a time when this issue will be long gone and we can put it aside.

I’m saying that I don’t pay attention because working in the field of employer branding, during the process of employee engagement, employee promotion, or employee recognition, and discussing additional benefits with HR our focus is on our employees which are men and women. Luckily for me that I work at ⋮IWConnect, because in this company we are all equal just like it should be in the 21st century. Everyone has the support and opportunity to progress in his/her career equally, everyone has equal chances of employment, and each bonus or reward depends exclusively on his or her performance at work.

On the other hand, we strongly support our colleagues in the period of their motherhood, as well as the period when they give birth to their child or their children are too small. For all this, as a company, we create conditions where every woman will feel comfortable being able to plan and live her professional and private life. The most important thing is to make a balance.
At the moment, more than 35% of all our employees are females which is above the world average, and much above the average for Macedonian companies. We tend to grow this number near to 50% in the next few years.

We have a constant tendency to increase the number of women in managerial functions (40% to be exact). In this section, we follow world trends. We are aware that we have a little more to work on and do our best to have complete equality between men and women, at least, the number of male and female employees to be equal. 🙂 Therefore, we follow the principles of equity at ⋮IW, we concentrate on our work and put focus to get the best out of us and our colleagues.

Anything that we emphasize too much becomes something that takes our time away, time that we do not have…