Why Having a QA Team With Domain Expertise is Crucial for Your Business?

26 Jan, 2021 | 3 minutes read


Do you believe that you have just developed a product that is bug-less? Let the QA engineers prove you wrong.

Furthermore, allow a domain testing engineer to help your organization deliver a high-quality product, by increasing the team’s productivity, lowering the training costs, minimizing bugs from later stages and optimizing time and effort with test automation.

Why having a QA team with domain expertise is important for your business?

Whether developing a new software product or enhancing an existing one, every organization needs the best team that will bring the ideas and potentials above and beyond. A great team of developers, solution architects, subject experts should be created, but don’t forget about QA. Quality engineers may play a vital role in the entire process as they help improve the quality of the software and reduce the risk of software failure in production.

Quality engineers need to possess a wide range of skills such as:

  • Testing skill
  • Domain knowledge
  • Technical expertise

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, demand, client expectation as well as the complexity of the software products, it is essential for the testers to have knowledge in the specific domain to test the application. There is no space for just ‘checking’ whether the product meets the SRS document. A domain tester is included from the very beginning of the process, with a role to understand the business requirements, plan the testing process, and even give ideas to make the application better and more usable.   

When talking about QA domain expertise, the main advantage which makes a difference is that when testers have common sense, they can find obvious bugs, but when they have domain knowledge, they can find bugs that are related to core functionalities since they know the flow of the application and know what goes where.

But, what are the other advantages that domain testing experts provide to the success of the project?

Reduced Training Time

With a quality engineer having domain knowledge, the in-house training can be reduced and this, in turn, will save cost and time of the project. Going further, an experienced domain tester can take the role of a trainer for the other team members or new joiners in the organization.


A quality engineer engaged in the project will understand the business requirements more easily, will be actively involved in the process of analysis, with a possibility to give suggestions for improvements, identify the defects at the early stage, write unique test cases which may raise valid questions on the current workflow of the application.

With new changes or requirements introduced in the middle of the project, the tester will be able to adapt quickly.

All this will increase the productivity of the project, as well as the organization as a whole.

Putting the team in the user’s shoes

Domain knowledge helps the QA engineer to discover the UI defects in the initial stage of testing, even in the process of design. By putting the tester in the user’s shoes, the tester may also suggest improvements to the UI.

Understanding the Business Processes and Rules

QA engineers with domain knowledge can participate in discussion with the business team and development team, and play a vital role while representing an organization in front of the client. Such engineers can easily spot issues in the requirement document.

Knowledge of Technical Terms

As issues with the product arise, an engineer with domain experience will have a full understanding of the technical terminology required to report a defect to the team, by accurately describing it and its impact on the product.

Bug Prioritization

A QA engineer will know how to categorize the bugs in a more efficient way, by prioritizing bugs that are critical for the system’s functionality. This contributes to more effective time management and speeding up the project timeline.


Remember to pick up wisely when looking for QA partners, as these people may play a crucial role in the success of your next software product.

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