Welcome to Our New Chief Commercial Officer – Brandon Ellett

19 Aug, 2020 | 2 minutes read

Brandon Ellett

As of June 2020, we welcome Brandon Ellett to our ⋮IW family. Earlier this year, we also welcomed our new Chief Executive Officer, Vlado Mitev, and Chief Operating Officer, Aleksandar Ubavkov. Now, Brandon joins us as Chief Commercial Officer with the goal of enhancing ⋮IW’s consistent excellence and driving further expansion.

Brandon brings extensive executive leadership and expertise from his roles as Senior Director, Vice President, Head of Origination, and Managing Partner at global investment and retail companies.

Brandon will lead the commercial strategy at ⋮IW, overseeing the sales and marketing teams. His primary objective is to drive business growth, ensuring ⋮IW continually delivers outstanding value to its clients.

Since 2004, ⋮IW has worked hard, persisted through challenges, made sacrifices, and taken risks to maximize operations and deliver exceptional value to our clients. We also focus on building a family-like culture where everyone understands the meaningful impact they have.

Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, my ultimate goal is to use my knowledge, and experience in IT to continue the value to market and position the company to be continually incredibly valuable for the long term. I believe that the biggest difference between companies on the market is their ability to deliver and delivery is the cornerstone of ⋮IW success. I am happy that I have joined a company that has been delivering value to clients for more than 16 years which has resulted in longterm partnerships, and I am looking forward to creating even more outstanding solutions.” – Brandon Ellett, Chief Commercial Officer at ⋮IW.

With Brandon’s knowledge, experience, and his expertise in the field of sales and marketing, ⋮IW will continue to deliver the exponential value that it already does and empower clients to outsmart their competition.

Welcome Brandon! We are happy to have you on board!

In the following few weeks, we will get to know Brandon a bit more as we share his life story and the motives leading him to the position he is now.