Vlado Mitev CEO of ⋮IWConnect- My Faith in the Potential of the Company Made me Move from Skopje to Bitola

07 Dec, 2021 | 3 minutes read

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We are talking to Vlado Mitev, CEO of ⋮IWConnect. Vlado shares why he moved from Skopje to Bitola, how he adapted to the new city, and his experiences at one of Macedonia’s largest IT companies. He also discusses the new buildings in Bitola and Skopje, designed with the latest trends. Here is the full interview.

Who is Vlado?

From a young age, I knew I was destined for a career in IT. It began with my first computer, a Spectrum 48k. During school, I loved video games and later moved on to a Commodore 64, Amiga, and my first PC 286. This passion for computers shaped my career. During my first year of studies, I started an IT company that became a leading firm in Macedonia. This early experience led me to leadership roles and business strategy.

How long are you in the IT industry?

I’ve been in IT my whole life. From founding my first company to leading several successful IT firms over 25 years, I’ve always been active in Macedonia’s IT sector. My focus shifted from hardware to software, ERP systems, and advanced solutions, but my desire to grow and face new challenges remained constant.

What motivated you to make a change in your career, and move from Skopje to Bitola?

New challenges always motivate me. Joining ⋮IWConnect’s management team was an easy decision, given the company’s values and culture. Moving to Bitola was not my primary focus, but the opportunity to succeed in a new environment was exciting, especially with new ways of doing business during the pandemic.

Is the rivalry between Bitola and Skopje a myth or is it? How did the colleagues accept you in Bitola?

I remember telling friends about joining ⋮IWConnect, and they joked about the challenges of working with Bitola programmers. Initially, there was some skepticism, but I was soon accepted. Today, my colleagues consider me a “Bitolchanec.” While there’s a friendly rivalry between Skopje and Bitola, it’s fading as people move between the cities.

How hard is it to change the place where you live? Did some of your habits change?

Moving wasn’t easy. I travel often between Bitola and Skopje, but I’m adjusting. I enjoy Bitola’s calmness, lack of parking issues, and proximity to nature. Skopje, as the capital, is bustling and home to my family. Balancing life in both cities is becoming a new habit.

It’s been two years since you are part of ⋮IWConnect, and Bitola, do you think you made the right choice?

After two years at ⋮IWConnect, I know I made the right choice. My values align with the company’s, and I feel at home here. Working with intelligent, motivated young people and having strong team support contribute to our success. I look forward to exploring Bitola more once the pandemic ends.

In the end, what are the future plans of Vlado and ⋮IWConnect?

We are preparing new offices in Bitola and Skopje, set to open in January 2022. These modern workspaces will provide unique environments for our employees. With over 200 employees, we are proud to be Macedonia’s largest IT company with 100% Macedonian capital. Our future plans include international growth and being recognized as a global partner in digital transformation.